3 phase motor windings

When running,one the current results obtained are:: Could anybody help me on it??? The not so good technician that repaired the coils connected one of them the opposite direction. Incorrect - although you could if you only wanted half power.

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This three phase winding is supplied by three phase AC supply.

It would be good if material could be added about the result of not having one phase in both the Y and delta configurations. I like to diversify knowledge.

The motor that is the photos, is a repaired motor that had a burned coil. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered.

How to check the Windings of a 3-Phase AC motor with an Ohmmeter

How do you check for that? Just a great piece of technical writing!

At 23 January AC electric motor working principle. Nice one At 9 September6: What is the operating principle of a three-phase induction motor? NEW in h eaven! Ask New Question Sign In. Stator winding in three phase induction motor is armature winding placed on stationary part of motor.

Connect the 3 poles on one side all together, and then apply RST to the other 3 opposite poles At 4 March The feedback you provide will help us show you more relevant content in the future. At 23 April6: Check continuity of the windings. So make sure that you have tested for earth faults.

I will check this link and see if i can add it as a function.

Phsae that the correct voltage is applied to the motor using a multimeter. At 30 December8: Just try to give that information At 8 January At 13 December You have to consult this schematic. At 1 July I have a motor that I phade at today that had 9 wires, and two ways to set up. At 21 August What is the difference between a three-phase commutator motor and a three-phase induction motor?

The rplacement is intended for single direction operation and has a different terminal pattern. The answer is to connect the half-windings in parallel.

Winndings squirrel cage motor is mostly started by star-delta stater and hence the stator of squirrel cage motor is delta connected. It has 4 wires.

At 25 October2: My qiestion what was I surpose to do?? What is high consumption in a one-phase and three-phase induction motor? Thanks At 22 June5:

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