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However, there is also another dark side to the beast, and it's here where you can unleash a full-on Monsta. The artist must provide a list of at least 5 appearances of GForce instruments on each album within the endorsement period, e. This brand has already spawned the Oddity synth, and now the Minimonsta - a Minimoog emulation - is with us. Darius Keeler - Minimonsta on Minimonsta.

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The Arturia is as close as you can get with software IMO.

Now, go to the Mixer section and click the blue On switch to bring Oscillator 2 into the mix. The Minimonsta is an award winning, highly detailed and accurate emulation of this original instrument with heaps of attitude. I've heard lots of good fkrce about the GForce though.

I use a Moog Voyager, and this sounds as good as if not better, it's fully automated, has mad LFO possibilities-and costs a lot less! It happens a lot here. Diva is definitely much more bright.

Rick Wakeman There's simply nothing out there that comes close to this little beauty. Moog Softsynths - Arturia, Minimonsta? Group parameters together for advanced control.

Instrument Overview | GFORCE SOFTWARE

The patch window is expandable for easy access to the library, and you can retract it when you want to use the programming surface. Its near-perfect combination of three voltage-controlled oscillators one of which can be used as an LFO24dB low-pass resonant filter, dual envelope generators, and left-hand pitch and modulation wheels allowed gigging musicians to learn and use the basics of analogue synthesis on an instrument that was and is a joy to play.

And while you're on it, which one do you think sounds 'fatter'? The filtering and overall tone are practically identical.

The only way to discover just how accurately the Minmionsta emulates the Minimoog is to listen to the two side by side. Between these two options I also vote GForce. Mala on M-Tron-Pro Minimonsta. If you ask me buy the Gmonsta as its a nice sounding, bit cheaper and relatively easier to use - and perhaps lighter for the CPU also? Assign an LFO - and even extra ADSR - to almost any original Mini parameter, including filter cut-off, resonance, individual oscillator volumes and each envelope parameter.

So in terms of pure sound quality and "fatness", which one do you guys think sounds better? Its very nice sounding fellow but soooo big CPU monster Subscribe to our Newsletter.


The artist must minimonta prominent mention of GForce instruments in each booklet during the period of endorsement. Note the three orange rocker switches to the left of the Filter section. Recreating a close emulation of the legendary Minimoog, Minimonsta is far from another hardware-to-software porting. Home Privacy Terms Sitemap. They're both great synths.

Instrument Overview

This is the second-most selection from the fully clockwise position of the Waveform rotary switch. The architecture of the ARP Odyssey is beautifully rendered along with it's minmonsta sound. Minimoog on steroids Recreating a close emulation of the legendary Minimoog, Minimonsta is far from another hardware-to-software porting.

Our sound has now all but disappeared, so let's get the filter envelope here called 'Contour' in on the action. The question is which The Minimoog was mercilessly copied by the competition, but reigned supreme thanks to an undeniable sonic signature.

The Decay should be full and the Sustain set to around 6. New Reply Thread Tools.

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