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Repetition becomes even more stable and efficient when recording technology is used to preserve image and sound for replay. Please remember the community rules when posting and try to be polite and inclusive. Dub, Scratch, and the Black Star: Based on all this can you explain how you see colonial ideology at play in Jamaica today?

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The list is not by any means exhaustive, and is not linear in any way.

Remix Theory » DJ Culture

Dn Art Pumpin Payne 4: The beat is a loop from what I refered to in another post as a "jewel", so I'll let you dig for the original. Just needed to do that here. To learn more about it read the about page. Smith for turning me to this work.

He also has been writing about art and culture for many years. But AM's using Babu's scratch record. They were chosen in part because of the different approaches to video making, this was necessary for the class, because the students need to understand how music video language evolved throughout the eighties and nineties on to today.

He does what most people who are bored would do: Man it is like night and day flipping between these two forums. Most importantly, the video is already a remix because it is composed of samples from a boring day, and in order to understand it as a composition, it is necessary to not only listen to the sound, but also view the video clips as the sound samples are added on top of each other. March 30 would have been DJ AM's 42 nd birthday, and we're celebrating by listening to him work.

Some of the videos also show early traces of sampling, for example, Trans Europe Express was sampled by Afrika Bambaataa for Planet Rock.

Based on all this can you wondfrwall how you see colonial ideology at play in Jamaica today? It was more a matter of bringing together activities that I had been exploring throughout my life.

For more information visit www. From the Phonograph to the Jamaican Sound System, one gets a good sense of the potential creativity that Spooky and other promoters of Remix Culture believe in.

Dub, Scratch, and wonxerwall Black Star: I was very influenced by Conceptualism. The end result is a music video of an instrumental song clearly influenced by hip hop and variations of house that ordinarily would go unnoticed, were it not for the fact that the sounds were produced with household items.

DJ AM: Five Mixes

Also, the remix of Tour de France juxtaposed with the early version shows how electronic music has evolved while acknowledging the important paradigms set by early electrofunk compositions. My Trojan records project is an exploration of the archives of one of my favorite record labels during a remx of intense political upheaval.

During that incredibly prolific period he produced over sides in ten yearsPerry fused his eccentric spiritual vision with powerful protest music, made some of the most surreal experiments with dub reggae, and sculpted the first and arguably greatest records by Bob Marley and the Wailers. In the following interview, DJ Spooky, discusses his current projects in a global context, and motivates us to move beyond basic binaries onto a more productive and creative state.

DJ AM: Five Mixes |

This video shows how material activities attain value, which in this case consists of careful repetition of sound recordings from an uneventful day. Most recently, he edited Sound Unbound for MIT Press, a book which wonderwll a set of texts about the influence of sound in media and culture at large. The video starts with a series of water drops, then the man plays with a small radio, cut to the sound of a tea kettle, then the man scrapes a toast, sits and eats in front of the TV, wondering what to do; then he slaps his right hand on his right leg: Ah that felt good Some of the questions at the end are quite interesting, and challenging.

In the past decade, Marclay has extended his position as cultural archivist with acclaimed installations like Video Quartet and Crossfirerespectively comprising sequences of musical performance and gunshots wonderwal from dozens of feature-films.

Repetition becomes even rwmix stable and efficient when recording technology is used to preserve image and sound for ma. Two wires scrape along the surface of a spinning paper disk with graphite shapes scrawled across them graphite is a conductive material so that when they pass over the shapes, they generate tones.

The top links are mashups and the bottom links are early hip hop and rock videos. The problem of orphan works is real. Thanks to Greg J. At the age of 12, during the early eighties, I became a break-dancer and at the age of 18, or so, I bought my own turntables and sound system.

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