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Black 11, Denise Diamond: The game was developed by Interactive , published by Ubisoft , and was released for the Microsoft Windows on April 24, Ask for prisoner interview with Heather Cole. Continue prisoner interview with Troy Sullivan. Miami - PC - Review".

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Your duties will include the manual process of collecting evidence, processing ci evidence, interviewing witnesses, and so on and so forth. Get close-up of mask on the wall to the right of the bed.

InGameloft redeveloped the game for iOS. Even if you don't have the evidence indicators, you'll only need to look for the pieces of scenery that seem slightly brighter or are generally more focused on, and you'll be good to go.

Go to Crime Scene: There are so many help indicators and available hints that there's practically no reason for you to ever get stuck anywhere. Continue suspect interrogation with Denise. Search photo in computer. Talk to Ron Preston. Search and compare prints in computer.

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There are no cxi signs of murder but the death of two beings at once is too much of a coincidence to rule out murder. Instead, movement is grid-based with free camera rotation.

Give new evidence to Valera. Pick up cigarette butt from floor. Use Mikrosil on wound. Give all evidence to Valera.

GameBoomers Walkthroughs and Solutions. Csl this case you work with Yelina Salas.

Do a search of the print and compare it. Retrieved from " http: Miami, it's a copy of a previously released game that wasn't that great to begin with, but with the less-engaging characters of the Miami cast and a series of mysteries that also aren't as interesting. The game was developed by Interactivepublished by Ubisoftand was released for the Microsoft Windows on April 24, Ask for prisoner interview with Heather Cole.

Check 2nd locker from the right, find Ty's golfbag.

Miami Reviews PC Comments. A man is found dead sitting in a chair on the beach outside of his house, next to him the corpse of his pet dog. Search gun and shoeprint.

In this case you work with Yelina Salas.

CSI: Miami

Take newspaper clipping from coffee table. Notice the bust in the corner of the room.

Overall, it's just kind of sloppy. Talk to Louis Stanford. Miami Review Cell ".

CSI: Miami walkthrough

With two relatively new TV spin-offs--located in Miami and New York, respectively--joining the already preestablished Las Vegas-based flagship series, it was probably only a matter of time before those spin-off shows found their way into the crime-solving PC adventure genre.

Look under deck and use flashlight. And with a direct copy of the same game engine comes bame of the trappings that helped sink this game's predecessor.

What made Dark Motives appealing to some fans of the show was its use of the popular characters and intriguing mysteries, neither of which are qualities that CSI:

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