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Create new account Request new password. The same team has now introduced the DVD version. Of course, home theater components have changed greatly since The audio section of the AVIA Guide can help you make simple calibrations as well as more in-depth adjustments; how much fine-tuning you do is completely up to you.

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They use moving bars instead of stationary ones to eliminate optical illusions that are confusing. Best HDTVs for So, yes, adding AVIA to your collection is a good idea. For the best viewing experience please update your browser to Google Chrome. Tesst use it while testing every TV and Blu-ray player I review. There is an extensive section that deals teest home theater connections and speaker hook-up. The last one is unique in my experience and extends down to a minimum of 2.

These extra filters are used to see if your chroma decoder is "pushing" emphasizing the red and green colors, and if so, how much push is being done. The Resolution chart allows you to assess not only the vertical and horizontal resolution, but to check for ringing, frequency response out to 3. It is a relatively inexpensive tool well worth the small investment, one that you will be glad to have on hand.

Reviewed: Blu-ray setup discs for your HDTV - CNET

It is one of the best calibration discs suitable for both beginners and advanced users. Visit us at Disv Plus. Levels of white and black. Plasma TVs may be at the end of the line, but the latest plasma TVs have definitely made it to the very top when it comes to picture performance.

This pattern has burst windows at various frequencies to see if your display device can hest display all of the available detail. Each source will likely need slightly different settings, but they should be close.

Will d s is offline. Covering the best projectors for home entertainment. Joe Kane Productions The good: It did work on the first generation Toshiba and with the Dsic TranScanner, both of which clip below black information. Leave this field blank. Create new account Request new password. For example, there are several additional test tones related to subwoofer adjustment, and that are designed to assist you in getting as flat a response as possible from your subwoofer.

Beyond the usual video and audio tests that can be performed without specialized test gear by anyone, video calibration specialists—and reviewers—use the test patterns on these discs to aid in equipment calibration and assessment.

Each one adds some new features to the test arsenal. The AVIA Guide to Home Theater disc has an extensive selection of video test patterns; in total, there are over video test patterns covering many different aspects of home theater calibration; these were eventually increased to over on the AVIA II.

Only the Theta Casa Nova, as far as I am aware, offers the ability to have different levels for each source. If you're just looking to make sure your TV isn't horribly mis-set, the Optimizer will likely do what you need.

When looking through the blue filter, you adjust the color level until the flashing is minimized or gone if possible.

Reviewed: Blu-ray setup discs for your HDTV

Guy Kuo is no stranger to you. There is also a separate section with tones to verify that your speakers are set up correctly. There are patterns that just display test information, like a frequency sweep pattern, and then for some, there abia a second pattern that is labeled.

Access to the patterns is relatively direct, assuming your DVD player can search for title and chapter. If you have a fair amount of knowledge, and know your way around a setup menu, this disc is awesome. Though as already indicated earlier on, the explanations refer more to CRT displays than digital projectors, yet the test patterns themselves apply to any display irrespective of the video technology in use.

These discs will help you out, no matter what your skill level. The Spears and Munsil Blu-ray is an advanced tool for evaluating many aspects of a television's performance.

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