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You might be able to resolve this error by bypassing the proxy server for local requests. Paulo Morgado , 14 Jun NET Development Server is installed, you can check whether the following two files are present in the v2.

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Now u continue with vs run button. Note Visual Studio cannot guarantee that the port you specify will be available when you run your file-system Web site. Also, check your project settings. In the Properties pane, click the text box beside Port number and type in a port number.

Thank you for your interest in this question. My problem solved using this article. This means that any web page in the browser will get an error when it tries to refer to a server which no longer exists. NET dev server taskbar icon. Then set the Base URL value to be:. We appreciate your feedback. NET Framework folder from one of the other locations.

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Alexander Zaldostanov 1, 3 22 You must run Visual Studio in devrlopment context of an administrator account when running a Web application on Windows Vista using aap impersonation.

I started looking for differences between the laptop environment and the desktop environment and the most notorious differences were: Crystal Reports can easily crash VS web server and sometimes you really need to go kill it manually Additionally, it will not serve files that are outside of the application scope.

Visual Studio cannot guarantee that the port you specify will be available when you run your file-system Web site. Click the Web tab.

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Wynand Murray 21 1. Security Note When storing sensitive information such as user names and passwords in a configuration file, you should encrypt the sensitive values using protected configuration. Let us know what works and some more about your environment firewall, anti virus etc can help as well.

It fixed my problem. Or are you running it directly from the file system?

In certain cases, the ASP. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. NET Development Server will serve pages to browser requests on the local computer.

I also faced this problem stackoverflow. Could be a number of things NET Framework Version 2. The server reports the following error. I guess you need to switch this back on for your unit xerver.

Error 1 Unable to connect Asp. If that file has been corrupted then you have bigger problems with your OS. This saves the property servre.

Troubleshooting the ASP.NET Development Server

Not Enterprise, I guess. Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled.

Another question is could I start the Casini server that is shipped with Visual Studio manually?

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