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Dark Scyth , Jun 29, Last edited by a moderator: Bad Company 2 is positioned to be the premier first person-shooter of when it hits stores on March 5th. From that beta, more than gameplay changes were made and almost all of them made it into this demo. Players will have access to five land and three air vehicles where the Russian side can use everything in their arsenal including Main Battle Tanks as well as the fast-moving Quad Bikes and Mobile Armored AA.

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SoroxJan 30, I runs smoother, and the graphics are much more detailed this time around. I just want to know if the PS3 is on equal grounds with the other platforms.

Do I have to keep nagging him every sunday for more news? Share This Page Tweet. Now go enjoy the demo! I love the game.

The Limited Edition can be pre-ordered now on all platforms at no extra cost, with participating retailers worldwide while supplies last. That thing is a beast!

BC2 has brought it all back!! ArmA 2 Client Free Game. I doubt the has better graphics then the PS3 version. When is this game releasing? Both teams will have plenty of vehicles to man from ATVs, tanks, jeeps, and helicopters for an insane battlefielf of Battlefield tactical vehicle-based warfare like no other. The feeling of immersion is top-notch. CopyrightInnova Media Privacy Policy.

Battlefield Bad Company 2 Demo Download

Subscribe Subscribe to our feed iTunes iTunes. Demo will end on February 25, Grand Theft Auto San Andreas - save file. This game has the best looking tracer effects ever! Dark ScythJan 29, Love the game guys. Downloaded from the EU store this morning and played off and on all day and all I can say is congratulations to Dice. DICE raises the bar for online warfare with Battlefield: I hope you guys learned your lesson 22 that. I was unable to do it a second time.

Salinas, California, United States. It would be nice to have that incentive to draw people back into the first game before 2 comes out.

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And like me, he owns both consoles he owns the Wii too. So what the hell happened to that!?

Bad Company 2 - Beta Client downloads and hundreds of thousands of other game files, including demos, patches, mods, trailers, free pc games and more.

Will battefield game be in p?

Combat Carnage Beta Client. Bad Company 2 Battlefield: This website is mesing up with the sign in.

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