Barbie as rapunzel

Hobie discovers the paintbrush , and Rapunzel begins to paint. Grimms' Fairy Tales Rapunzel Rapunzel tells her that she cannot keep her locked away forever to which Gothel responds, Watch me.

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However, Gothel disapproves of Rapunzel's hobbies and accuses her of not appreciating everything that Gothel has done for her.

She meets a silversmith who says his brother, who lives in King Wilhelm's kingdom, made it. She replies that she will meet him there. Because she thinks Rapunzel refused to tell the truth, Gothel angrily puts rapunzrl spell on her tower, which eternally holds people who lie. Rapunzel quickly rushes back to the woods to avoid being discovered by Gothel. The witch attacks Rapunzel with magic. Gothel refuses to let Rapunzel go until she tells her the name of the boy she met.

Rapunzel takes this path to the small kingdom and is able to rescue a young princess named Katrina from a pitfall.

Rapunzel spends rqpunzel free time she has painting beautiful pictures of places she dreams of going when she is free one day. Gothel finds herself in Rapunzel's tower, where Hugo reminds her she can't escape, as she has a lying heart.

Rapunzel by the Brothers Grimm. King Wilhelm comes before King Fredrick, hoping to end the feud by force. Retrieved from " https: Rapunzel arrives just in time to stop them from fighting, and King Wilhelm immediately recognizes her as his daughter.

Retrieved 20 November Book Category Commons Portal. She then rushes to save Stefan and his family by riding on Penelope who finally overcome her fear of heights. It soon becomes clear that she doesn't need paint, and whatever she paints becomes real. Later, she also discovers a tunnel leading to the nearby village. Rapunzel then wakes up and reads the engraving on the hairbrush.

Barbie as Rapunzel

Barbie as Rapunzel DVD cover. Retrieved 21 January Gothel arrives at the tower, cuts off Rapunzel's hair, and shatters the paintbrush. He tells that her hair aa a 'beautiful give-away. That night, Rapunzel has a dream that Prince Stefan found her tower.

Barbie as Rapunzel - Wikipedia

Life in the Dreamhouse — Dreamtopia —present Dreamhouse Adventures —present. Gothel destroys Rapunzel's paints and paintings before transforming the bedroom into a more rapujzel, seemingly escape-proof tower and stations Hugo, Penelope's father, outside. It is revealed that the source of the feud is that Wilhelm believes Fredrick kidnapped his daughter, who has been missing since she was an infant.

Views Read Edit View history. Hugo, Penelope, and Hobie live in their castle with baribe. Soon after, Rapunzel is introduced to Katrina's older brother, Prince Stefan. Before Ever After A furious Gothel demands Rapunzel to tell her the prince's name.

Afterward, Stefan asks Rapunzel to a masked ball. Rapunzel lives as a servant to the evil witch Gothel, who resides in a manor isolated in the woods.

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