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Build your life everyday as if you would live for a thousand years. Lethality - sampled Revitar 2 - physical modeling Spicy Guitar - physical modeling, acoustic but can be tweaked to sound like electric. As good as commercial ones! Once you have a sample you can pretty much create your own instrument with it.

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General FL Studio question?

Free VST instruments and more

This is the best guitar, I have even sold music that I have made with this instrument. Use of this site constitutes guitarr of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. As good as commercial ones!

Submit new comment Jul 15 I personally use Electri6ity as my main go-to. Lethality is an electric guitar featuring many playing options. Sounds really thin and artificial.

You play actual notes from E5 and up, notes below that are "modifiers". I never use the midi nonsense though. I found IronAxe from Xhun Audio very good: SoundCloud Website Facebook Twitter. It sounds too "artificial" for my liking.

Please type this code: If you violate any of these rules you will either receive a warning or a timed ban Want some functional help in FL Studio? I mean notes on a keyboard.

Free VST download DSK Electrik GuitarZ : DSK Music

You gotta open up the thing and then install it, then the dll will appear. I'm using it with freeamp 3 full I use of the sounds, but they are all eletcric good. I still can't believe it's free. With Amplitube or some free amp sim this sounds as good as the real thing!

Reaper won't detect it.


Piracy is not tolerated. Why are you not listening, you need a cabinet gutiar just like Shreddage! This vst has good potential, I did a redo of the forest by the cure with this vst with really good results, really good, but must play around to get what you want!

NeoDeus Apr 18 Read more at www. You mention shreddage, so I'm assuming you're wanting widdling lead type stuff, rather than anything for clean sounds?

Strumming control with automation. When I try to add the effect in the mixer, I get a message pluginn it's not found. I installed mine but all I got were samples, nothing less All posts 1 day 7 days 2 weeks 1 month 3 months 6 months 1 year Sort by: This is really good DSK have made a decent stab at an electric-guitar sound here,but you'll have to be very clever with your FX if you want it to sound natural.

Have fun with those.

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