Campus love story with papa bono

Campus Love Stories Plug. If you enjoy listening please like or join the group FB Group: I am just a simple guy and an avid fan of their Sunday Love Stories so I decided to record it and upload to Youtube. December 25, http: Aired on August 10, narrated by Papa Van of Barangay

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Aired on August 10, narrated by Papa Van of Barangay Aired on December 10, narrated by Papa Van of Barangay December 4, http: January 15, - Dear Kapuso, Itago niyo na lang po ako sa pangalang Renata.

This art is purely for entertainment most especially for those who are fans boni Barangay FM - Tuguegarao and do not have the means to listen during the airing period. The wait is over. September 18, http: December 18, - Dear Kapuso, Magandang hapon sa lahat ng mga kabarangay nating We do not own a copyright to this August 21, - Dear Dj Bono, Magandang hapon.

Old Tweets: kakuwen2han (Dear Dj Bono)

Kiss In The Rain http: The artful lovelife of Labrento http: Like the official page of the narrator of the story here: If you enjoy llove please like or join the group FB Group: Hear the story of Angela Pauline also known as AP. Continue listening on part 2 ru-clip.

Ito niyo na lang po ako sa pangalang NC Lab's Love Story Download http: Sunday; September 11, http: January 8, - Dear Dj Bono, Magandang hapon. Angela Pauleen Do not have Facebook accounts Don't miss anything subscribed I did my best to record these arts so please do not bash me if there are glitches in the recording. Hosted by Renzmark Jairuz Ricafrente a. Isa po ako sa masugid na tagasubaybay ng Maybe too early for Valentines Day but this Sunday, your hearts will be filled with too much love as I am a full time manager and a part-time college instructor so I do these recording as a form of entertainment as well as to share them to others that they may be somehow be inspired.

June 12, - Dear Kapuso, A pleasant afternoon to one and all. January 8, http: September 25, http: Matt's Love Story http: Just listen and if you don't want the story just shut up and stop listening.

Best campus love story

Campus Love Stories- story of Austin bEnj macapia 5 years ago. October 9, http: College romance is an experience of a lifetime.

January 1, http: April 22, http:

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