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Unfortunately the way to do this is to replace the title effect with a BCC effect. It's been useful enough to us at my little studio that we've bought a second license. An indispensable tool for the docu editor You may have already heard of AV3's Get, an app designed to search video files.

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On a more technical note, it's worth noting that nearly every BCC 9 effect is capable of bit floating point processing. Looking forward to adding this to FCP X when available. Affordable and easy to use, this review finds the app an indispensable tool.

Boris Continuum Complete 10 | Video Filters Plug-in | Avid

Boris FX Boris Soundbite: Now, it's more like a cannon! BCC 9 has been doing that for us. Qty Add to Cart.

The effects saved to the bin would only require drag and drop and no further adjustment. Other new Image Restoration tools include Reframer, designed to be applied to footage shot on a smartphone in vertical compplete and quickly prepare it for broadcast, and Remover, which is essentially a clone effect to remove logos or unwanted objects.

Beat Reactor lets you drive the parameters of an effect from a sampled audio file. Emulate light or light effects, including lens flares, glare, glint, and rays. When I started researching this review, I decided to explore the whole set in a lot more depth.

The built-in browsing history lets you keep track of your most recent searches. I do a lot of design work in floating point, so this is critical for me. A set of image adjustment tools.

Boris Continuum Complete 10: A Winner For Every Creative

While there are many good qualities to BCC 10, there are a few weaknesses. Mask and track specific areas to apply the filters gives you all sorts of creative options even when the client is sitting right over your shoulder.

Overall, BCC 10 is an impressive arsenal of powerful effects ranging from artistic filters and restoration tools to conrinuum systems and 3D objects. While there are some shortcomings and a lack of polish in some effects, the new annual multi-host subscription option makes BCC 10 a compelling value proposition for professional post facilities, especially considering it will take multiple products from different vendors to equal the depth of this wide toolset.

In addition to performance, one of the key new features in every BCC 10 effect is integrated mocha tools.

Walter Soyka On Boris Continuum Complete 9 NLE & AE Plug-ins

Plus you can do all sorts of 3D text and camera movements. All in one video layer. An indispensable tool for the docu editor You may have already heard of AV3's Get, an app designed to search video files.

Boris recently acquired Imagineer Systems, and together they have added the power of mocha tracking and masking into every coplete. Mac or Windows Versions of: If the camera was moving I could very easily track the motion with mocha.

While that may seem like a way to puff up the plug-in count, a little use contnuum that's not the case at all.

Boris Continuum Complete A Winner For Every Creative : Boris FX

Unfortunately the way to do this is to replace the title effect with a BCC effect. Tutorial, Video Tutorial Kevin P.

If my host crossed in front of the sign or the drain, then I would use a second video layer on top of this one and use Mocha Pro to create the rotoscope. BCC 9 delivers 24 new transitions groups: It's a cohesive system, with many common controls and a few unique features that can really speed up your workflow.

Cross-grade pricing is available. This Multi-Host version for Avid, Adobe, Apple, and OFX allows you to have Continuum Complete 10 open in up to all of the compatible hosts at the same time, as long as on the same computer. I did not find any pricing for annual subscription on their website, I might have overlooked something.

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