Black hippy zip that chop that

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On Some Other Shit. We do not endorse the selling and purchasing of tickets, merchandise, or other commodities. Black Hippy Black Hippy. Moderators reserve the right to remove content or restrict users' posting privileges as necessary if it is deemed detrimental to the subreddit or to the experience of others. Black Hippy] [Verse 3] [Schoolboy Q] Napped through my final, made enough, richer than Lionel Fucking bitches on my job, cumming harder than a rhino Breaking their spinal, laid back, bumping my vinyl Navigation on the scopes, easy to find 'em [Jay Rock] Find you and I'm right behind youlaid back, puffing a blunt Gat on my lap, constantly talking shit, I'mma dump Your homies acting charged up, they can still get jumped Take your chain, ash the kush for all you punks [Kendrick Lamar] However you want, whenever you want, you all can get it Contagious, it's mad syphilis, blazing, it's God-giftedness Die over death sentences, flow hot, plus the beat knock like Jay witnesses Tell them I killed the witnesses [Ab-Soul] Gifted as twenty Christmases, itching to blow Like twenty bitches with mouths that need a dick in it, wow I ran rap for half a mile, then got tired Laid down and realized that I was lying [Hook: Comment replies consisting solely of images will be removed.

Black Hippy, “Zip That, Chop That”

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I'm a heaven gate, above hipyp [Hook: Verified Artists All Artists: Regardless of the scenario, all posts and comments are subject to removal. Zip That Chop That Zpi [Verse 1] [Kendrick Lamar] Ring the alarm or wake to a bomb You ain't a rapper, you Elton John, holding your john I got a ton of croutons in the Louis Vuitton That's big bread, the chickens are flying, flocks when I call 'em [Schoolboy Q] Paul and Masson, half drunk, stuck in a poem Light matches underwater while I'm bracing the storm I'm cool and I'm calm, laid back, smoking a farm Socking the shit out of niggas 'til I'm breaking my arm [Jay Rock] Up in my zone, two blunts, cup of patron.

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Zip That Chop That

Don't be a dick, and use your rhat judgement. This song is four years old and was made way before any of the members of Black Hippy were in their prime. Zip That Chop That. Any ticket sales, purchases, or exchanges etc.

Black Hippy – Zip That Chop That Lyrics | Genius Lyrics

Low-value content will be removed. This beat is fresh as hell and since most members of TDE are hitting their stride just about now, I think it would be really sick if they re-rapped over this beat now.

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