Geovision multicam remote viewer

Select Webcam Server to bring up Server Setup window 3. The warning message will appear again, press Allow every time you see the warning. To open the Remote ViewLog software press the magnifier icon 9.

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Please fill out the below form and one of our Security System Expert will contact you by phone or email within 24 hours or the following business day. I'm a new customer.

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Shopping Cart Checkout View Cart. You should now be connected to the Remote Viewlog Service and view old recording events. If you have mupticam things correctly, you should be able to see a Webcam Login page as shown below, otherwise you will need to verify the above settings again. Please note that for basic remote viewing, only three ports are required as indicated in step 4 -To verify whether you have port forwarded your ports correctly, go to biewer.

Enter in each port number in the box next to What Port?

GeoVision MultiCam Webcam Server Setup

Check the boxes matching to your screen resolution. You may also confirm that you have set up the above steps correctly by entering in " http: Install all ActiveX controls necessary if prompted by the Internet Explorer browser, then you should be able to view your DVR cameras online. After the router is selected, the second viewfr will prompt you for a software application which you want to port forward for.

Then click on the button labeled "Check Your Port" Repeat the same process for each port you have opened. I'm an existing customer. Select Webcam Server to bring up Server Setup window 3.

Access the router with the default user name and password provided by vieqer router manufacturer. If you are unable to perform port forwarding, or if you have questions or difficulties getting the ports to be opened, please contact your router manufacturer or Internet Service Provider directly as they should be able to assist you on the process.

The next page will lead you to step by step instruction for port forwarding on your router.

Products Product Categories Manufacturers. To open the Remote ViewLog software press the magnifier icon. DMMultiview is the viewer you will use for Real Time monitoring and Remote ViewLog is the application used to search past recording events.

Once logged into the router, open up another Internet Explorer browser and go to http: Enter router's local IP address from Step 9. XXXX" to the address.

First time install instructions for GeoVision Remote view software - Zebra Security

If you chose an HTTP port other than port 80, you will need to add ": At this moment, you should be geovison to access Webcam on your LAN.

Enter your email address and password to login Once the plug-in installs the page will load correctly and you should see a screen similar to this:.

Access from the Internet In the router index, scroll down the page and select the brand and model of the router you are currently using. Vuewer the example above, the router's local IP address is To open the Remote ViewLog software press the magnifier icon 9. To check your external IP address, go to websites such as www. Custom Multi-Camera Kits 2.

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Then enter ID and Password and click on the button labeled Login. Follow the instructions as indicated on the webpage.

Login to the server using Internet Explorer 2. If you see a Failed message for any of the ivewer, you will need to restart from step 10 and try to forward that port again.

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