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LeftAlt on PC whenever there's a cutscene! Dalam game Bully ini juga diajarkan untuk menghormati orang yang lebih dewasa, jadi ketika pemain melakukan hal yang tak wajar kepada orang dewasa, maka ia akan dikejar orang tersebut dan ditangkap atau polisi yang akan menangkap dan dikenakan denda. Go slow during errands, while still sprinting in bet- ween each one. None of the other Townies are required to defeat.

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There is a time limit within which Jimmy has to get Algie to the bathroom and if Algie pees his pants the mission is failed. LeftAlt on PC whenever there's a cutscene! The Candidate --The Mascot must be shot quickly times. Beach Rumble --At least three Preppies need to be knocked down before Gord leaves the beach house. Once they're beaten and Algie is finished going to edtiion bathroom and washing his hands afterwards just like his mommy told him toJimmy leads him to his locker.

This option may not be available for some USB headsets. Jimmy has to beat them up. Unggul Juni 5, Click through the remaining steps and click the Finish button in the last screen.

Use that for the rest of the mission and the game. Use your Slingshot as a last resort if you run out. Welcome to Bullworth --In the fourth cutscene Jimmy is cornered by five bulliesremember it can be skipped.

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Bait --Throw an egg at any of the Preps accompanying Gord to provoke [them]. Bully Table of Contents Walkthrough. Tad's House --Make sure you bring a bike to scholarsbip start of the mission. But get away he throws them. Jadi silahkan buka Windows Explorer dan menuju Documentslalu cari dan klik folder bertuliskan Bully Scholarship Edition.

Once bullly fight Wade on your own, repeatedly use the 3-hit combo until he can be humiliated. Hold down the button if Russell attempts to block.

After all that, save clubhouse if you have time. The Rumble --Save clubhouse beforehand --Peanut Romano has noticably more health as usual in this segment.

[PC] Bully: Scholarship Edition savegame

After the unskippable cutscene with Jimmy and Mandy, head downstairs and into the women's restroom using the skateboard if you can maneuver that. Use timing and common sense to scholagship the door and get by on the opposite side. Funhouse Fun --Practice this mission several times prior to understand and memorize the controls, puzzles, and sections of the Funhouse.

Apapun yang Saya ketahui dan Saya bagikan. Outside the library, Algie will be attacked almost immediately by some Bullies lead by Davis. The lower one is guarded by Trent and Troy and has no lock for the stalls. Some cutscenes might not properly play out if the FPS exceeds This can be implemented in other missions.

Humiliate him once you have the chance. There is one orderly in the next room. Peabody will be downstairs for the third picture, so you can easily take care of that. Otherwise, it'd be wise to restart. Final Showdown --Jump at each beam to get across it faster.

The game will now run borderless by default. That Bitch Defend Bucky. There are several save locations available to you where you can record your progress.

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