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Taxi feature will automatically create the fastest possible route using flight master, teleport spells, portals, boats zeppelins and available items. Continuously updated and improved since Thank you again for an otherwise brilliant addon. Thank you Dugi you are the undisputed best! Guildmates will help you with most problems.

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The difference is dramatic. In reply to Delgado I was not able to pick up these until I had finished unlocking all three outposts and the World Quests. Tuned for Every Race and Levsling. You can add me to the list of loyalty members who had the BFA guides, but they are no longer showing up after the update.

The greatest wow guides… ever! The guide works great of course expect a BUT, after reaching there should also be a guide to open and explore the remaining areas.

How to use Dugi Legion Leveling Guide | Dugi Guides™

I am a casual player due to my extreme time constraints so I like to maximize my gaming effiency. I also noticed that the slowdowns were heating up my graphics card a GTX with good cooling and a well-configured fan curve.

It completely takes the frustration out of leveling. FelipeInside Follow Forum Posts: Is is Live for me for Dugi, great job on the Legion guide.

The only guides I can see after update are the first two. Recently there is a new free addon for leveling in curse addons giude that do this without the payment, is not as advanced like the pay ones but works.

To resolve this issue please download the latest 1.

I bought the giide guide to work on my alts and get my main to I did dailies, and LFG quests until the Dungeon finder came along. BFA guide has disappeared also.

They really are perfect and i have recommended them to all of my friends in-game. WOW is too easy for a guide.

How to use Dugi Legion Leveling Guide

I had to go back and pick up the next Outpost then it would be ok, until at the next location I needed to X the Wanted quests again. The waypoint still doesn't go away when it's the only addon enabled. Was it worth it?

In reply to patternboy:. Reply Daniel Emmett Reply: Updated for Battle for Azeroth level Guide suitable for: Recently we updated the installer for Windows PC to 1. From the ridiculously low price to the service provided, Dugi is the man! Yes, I like it, I found a blog post which reviews the Dugi Guides in more details, just google optihax. If you are Loyal member you get the guide for free, even though our updater says we need to purchase it if you go into the guide you will see the break down of the quests….

Is Dugi's World of Warcraft leveling guide worth the money?

I take it back I did the update and mine is now gone…. Miroku32 Follow Forum Posts: Hi Dugi I am on your loyalty programi had the legion guides last night but when i performed the update this morning to Dugis guide i have lost all the legion quests.

This is a WoW event that celebrate valentines day on Feb 2 — Feb Since I am perpetually confused, I cant seem to get my quest log to work.

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