Counter strike joy

Even I can be a realist. The super long contract fucked them up? Of course there are reasons , but They decided on it out of nowhere and while still having good results. But you're right that his form over the past year has been real bad since Vegas. Your priorities can change a lot when you have kids.

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They started greatly earlyfinished it badly. I feel like the team is more confident when he calls or maybe that's just me.


That reminds me of the article HLTV wrote about coldzera when he got strie again forand they asked him about what was his favorite memory and he said it was the Eleague Atlanta Major because it was in that tournament that they got back the joy of playing Counter-Strike. The Joy of not playing CS: Problem is, we don't know if it's all mental, if it's one or multiple people creating a shitty atmosphere to play in or if some of them just stopped giving a shit.

They should spend some time together away from the game, playing soccer, other PC games, relaxing. However in other sports most players when they reach a age and have accomplished a lot they simple relax and "collect", they stop practicing like they should and ignore changes on the game meta since they believe they have it figure it out and are just "old" Iirc only pasha has a kid and the 2nd coming some time soon.

You need to sign in or create an account to do that. On the 2nd part, there was an interview with some highly ranked person vp ceo? I think pasha remembers. Maybe they don't bootcamp anymore, maybe they should create mobile countr in TaZ's mercedes 5 fits, coach in the trunk, sry Kuben, safety reasonsor maybe they could lent some areas for weeks and bootcamp there and there they live in 3 or 4? Neo is a legend that has been one of the best players for almost a decade and has been one of the most consistent throughout that time.

It's strikw little sad that some people seem really eager to see them go rather than hoping they fix their shit, although some people also seem really invested in trying to prove that CS has an age limit or that it's a young players game too, so maybe it's linked.

Global Offensive Store Page. Holy shit the fanboys are out for blood.

Some of these guys have been at the top or close srtike it for 15 years. Dude talked about spending time with his daughter when asked about their practice before the major.

This item will only be visible in searches to you, your friends, and admins. Global Autist Feb 15, 9: I think counteg fact they're still seemingly as deep in their slump as ever is a bad sign.

I thought they must have a joy of getting sick money for playing video games, because most of them could only work on entry level jobs IRL, because they put all the time in playing CS instead of getting proper education. Had some achievements a year before. Maybe that chilling attitude worked during This is probably just one of the downs. GO can give you multiple dangerous health problems like: He even wanted his salary lowered because he didn't think he deserved the pay he was getting.

Steam Community :: Guide :: The Joy of Not playing CS:GO

Current Meta and level of CS is at such High Level compared to years ago and they were playing among those top teams and at the time just literally Plowing through Top Tier teams with their Tactics and Team Coordination. GlobalOffensive subscribe unsubscribereaders 13, users here now Submit a banner! When your kids well being is linked to your income, and your income is CS, it's not that straightforward. Their body language you can tell its no longer there.

VP just need a new blood. They are getting older and perhaps they are spending more time with their own family and work.

Well, you'll have a joy being a plumber then after you waste all your money on pretending being rich.

In they didn't perform that badly online.

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