Dhl shipment waybill

Enter Waybill number s without spaces. Books, maps, charts, pamphlets, and similar articles shipped by U. Please read these result table summary first: Print and affix the Commercial Invoice, Certificate of Origin and other uploaded documents if your documents were not submitted to Customs electronically If Paperless Clearance was enabled and you submitted your documents electronically to Customs there is no need to print and affix documents to your shipment.

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No other use may be made of the tracking system and information without DHL's written consent.

They cannot be used past that date. Impelled Foreign Military Sales program conducted on the basis of formal contracts or agreements between the U. Print and affix your personally-created Customs documents to the shipment.

Complete Shipment Information Required.

Track DHL Express Shipments

Advance Payment Advance Payment. Customs utilizes the waybll information to calculate the duties, taxes and fees you will pay on your shipment: Track up to 10 numbers at a time.

Shipments of goods donated for relief or charity provided for in chapters 1 through 97 of Schedule B, Classification of Exports. Register and Login Register and Login. Special exemptions for shipment to the US armed services for their exclusive use. Learn More Learn More. Currency both US and foreign 2.

Please enable Java Script in your browser. Having trouble uploading your documents? Internal revenue stamps 5.

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This would require opting out of Paperless Clearance and preparing your shipment using the traditional hard copy method. Check our FAQs to find quick answers to common tracking questions. This page is best viewed in a browser that supports Javascript. Each commodity in your shipment needs to be documented separately on your invoice. Multiline Entry Multiline Entry.

The table has a header that informs you about the Waybill tracked and the origin and destination locations of the shipment. This is wxybill party who will be taking ownership of the goods upon delivery. Download assistant for national shipments Type: Information Abount Customs Charges: If you do not know the hdl, click Retrieve and a keyword search engine will help you drill down to the appropriate code.

Other goods donated for relief or charity - Schedule B By default, your receiver importer is responsible for paying duties and taxes upon delivery of the shipment.

Enter Waybill number s without spaces.

Tracking, Track Parcels, Packages, Shipments | DHL Express Tracking

Step 1 - Shipment Documents. If you want to correctly view this page, please upgrade your browser or enable Javascript support. Skip to content Skip to service links: Commingled food products--Schedule B No.

In addition to DHL Express service charges, local Customs authorities may impose taxes and duties on international shipments to control the flow of goods. Select your shipment type: It tells you the terms and conditions upon which we provide our service.

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