Cac card certificate

If you have a number below 5. Chromebook users follow these instructions. Mac users are helped too. CAC Reader driver Step 3: Verify which version of Mac OS you have.

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To access DoD websites from your computer, you need these certificates on your computer.

CAC Reader driver Step 3: Site Map Please website with your friends and colleagues. CAC Reader driver Step 3: Select Firefox, then Open. Last Update or Review: Are you interested in subscribing to the CACNews email list? If you are missing any of the above certificates, you have 2 choices.

Go to Keychain Access. If all of the DoD root certificates are not installed on your computer, various applications will not be able to trust all DoD PKI certificates. Use the Installation Steps above. If you have questions or suggestions for this site, contact Michael J. Find out how to flip card over video.

Mac support provided by: Option 2 to install the certificates very tedious manual: Below " Hardware " click " USB. Error Codes by the Number. Step 2d1a- SCR reader.

Chromebook users follow these instructions. Be notified of page updates.

You need to know this information for step 6. DoD Certificates Step 4: You will eventually start seeing either of the 2 messages shown next. Different readers will show differently, most readers have no problem in this step.

Open the Trusted Root Certification Authorities tab verify you have:. Obtain a CAC Reader. If you have tried accessing CAC enabled sites prior to following these instructions, please go through this page before proceeding. Please website with your friends and colleagues. If you are already at 5.

MilitaryCAC's Mac OS X Installation Steps Page

Decide which CAC enabler you want to use. If you have any version other than the five shown below, you need to visit an ID card office and have it replaced. Is your CAC reader "Mac friendly"?

You may be prompted to enter computer password.

You will see several dozen browser tabs open up, let it open as many as it wants. An infrastructure of trusted third parties has been put in place to distribute trust between end-users. If your reader does not look like these, go to Step 3.

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