Barbie magic pegasus

Out skating, Annika meets a small polar bear whom she names Shiver. Wenlock refuses her for she is hateful, just like his other wives. As Aidan starts to forge the Wand, he reveals that he ran away from his parents and lost all of his money gambling.

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The end scene shows Aidan and Annika skating in the cloud palace.

Wenlock magically turns everyone into stone, but Annika is saved by Brietta, a flying horse, but Wenlock tells her that she has three days to marry him, otherwise the spell will become permanent.

Retrieved 22 September Wenlock tells her that she has three days to marry him, otherwise the spell will be permanent.

It is a single game out of a variety of games that you can play on Arcade Spot.

Annika shows them Brietta and the entire family celebrates together, while Aidan's father forgives him. Wenlock turns to be an ordinary person and the ppegasus on Annika's parents is broken.

Although they get 2 gems, Shiver causes a cave-in thanks to her amazement of the gems' sparkles, which they narrowly manage to escape.

The music for the film was composed by Arnie Roth. Annika decides to build the "Wand of Light" to break Wenlock's spell. Brietta remarks that they look happy, and gifts the Cloud Queen with the wand, who replies that it will be the first star at night.

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Life in the Dreamhouse — Dreamtopia —present Dreamhouse Adventures —present. After trading Annika's skates magkc a fake map from the old man Ferris, whom Aidan dislikes because they once played a sour card game together, the group find themselves in a large cavern filled with gems, where a sign tells them to take only what they need but never from greed. Wand of Light Locations: Barbie In The 12 Dancing Princesses. Free Online Games and Arcade Games are added every day.

Bargie and Brietta brings an unconscious Annika to the Cloud Kingdom. Fortunately Aidan gives Annika his own. If the game still doesn't work, then send us a report:.

Barbie And The Magic Of Pegasus - Play Game Online

There, Annika discovers that "the other daughter" of the king and queen is Brietta, who was transformed into a Pegasus by Wenlock when she refused to marry him explaining why Annika's parents are so overprotective.

He causes a snowslide, trapping Annika. This page was last edited on 17 Septemberbarbis Finally she agrees to marry Wenlock if he changes her parents and the people back nagic normal persons. When she finds the wand, suddenly the gem falls.

Barbie and the Magic of Pegasus

Annika shows them Brietta and the entire family celebrates together, while Aidan's father forgives him. After Annika wakes up, the trio go to Wenlock's lair. On her quest to defeat Wenlock, Annika meets new friends and together they travel to forbidden forests, skate through icy caverns and fly above the clouds as they attempt to build a pegzsus wand of light.

With all three objects, the "Wand of Light" is assembled, and Brietta transforms back into her human form. Toy Story 2 My Scene: Immediately Aidan comes and helps to dig Annika out.

In order to accomplish this, they must have a measure of courage, a ring of love and a gem of ice lit by hope's eternal flame. The Cloud Queen gives Brietta a crystal bell to ring if she is in need of help. Other characters mgic Wenlock's Griffin.

Angrily Annika asks the wand to destroy Wenlock, but it does not work. The group travels to pegasux Forbidden Forest, where they meet a young man named Aidan played by Ken who helps them after they get caught in a net.

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