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Would you like to answer one of these unanswered questions instead? From Apple's knowledge base article about Bonjour on Windows my emphasis:. If you don't use any features, then removing Bonjour won't cause you any trouble except perhaps Apple Software Update might offer to install it again Do I really need Bonjour on Windows?

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Do You Really Need Bonjour on Your Computer?

Bonjour is intertwined with macOS, making it difficult to remove from a Mac. However, I have a new bonjouf of iTunes and I'm wondering if once again I should delete Bonjour.

The company introduced this week the Arista GbE Resources 1 Apple Support: Retrieved July 28, Retrieved February 23, Retrieved March 14, Definition of Bonjour Computer Hope: Related Terms iCloud Apple's free iCloud service stores subscribers' photos, videos, documents, apps and more and updates everything across users' The Cisco Meeting Server 2.

Instead, apps and other programs use it as a "go-between" to communicate over your local data network. Some VPN clients are configured so that local network services are unavailable to a computer when VPN software is active and connected.

Login Forgot your password? It allows its users to discover devices services and computers on an IP network without a high degree of pre-configuration. About the Author Chicago native John Papiewski has a physics degree and has been writing since Joinsubscribers and get a daily digest of news, geek trivia, and our feature articles.

What Is / Bonjour and How Can I Uninstall or Remove It?

bonour You don't need it, about the only thing I have ever actually used it for in a Windows machine is to enable printing to a printer attached to my Airport Extreme. Bonjour only works within a single broadcast domainwhich is usually a small area, without special DNS configuration.

Although macOS provides various Bonjour services, Bonjour also works on other operating systems. Laws concerning the use of this software vary from country to country. The original name of Bonjour was Rendezvous, but Apple changed the name in after a trademark dispute with a company called Tibco Software.

Malwarebytes cybercrime report shows increase in attacks on businesses Malwarebytes' report, 'Cybercrime Tactics and Techniques Q3 ,' highlights how businesses became the focus of cyberattacks It is freeware for clients, though developers and software companies who wish to redistribute it as part of a software package or use the Bonjour logo may need a licensing agreement.

Appe of the technical nature of Bonjour, you might want to enlist the help of a tech support person to remove the remaining files. Download Bonjour for Windows.

You forgot to provide an Email Address. Free Download Safe download. Aerohive, for example, has released a free VMware virtual appliance that allows Bonjour to operate across networks on different subnets or virtual LANs. Twilio Autopilot looks to simplify contact center AI Twilio Autopilot gives developers the building blocks for creating contact center AI that businesses can use to improve customer By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Do I really need Bonjour on Windows?

Retrieved July 5, Even if your business network is a small one, the fundamental links between Apple programs and Bonjour mean that Mac computers need it.

Bonjour for Windows also adds zeroconf capabilities bonjouur Internet Explorerand provides a zeroconf implementation to Java VMs. In addition if you do not have a network up and running already then the tool will help you set up a new one. JBonjourBrowser was built to emulate the functionality of Bonjour Browser, and at the same time work on multiple platforms. Bonjour for Windows Dassault Systemes:

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