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As it's online it works anywhere you have a browser including macs, phones and tables. Ditch the shiny and slow. Microsoft removed this game from Windows, which angers more than a few people my amazing wife included.

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I did some fairly extensive testing with the dependency walker tool and application compatibility settings and it appears that there is no way to get classic hearts in Windows 7 without using Windows XP mode or virtualizing Windows XP in some other way: Your games will all run flawlessly in Windows 7, and will work exactly the way you remember.

But it bothers me that those files were missing, and I had this problem I'm not sure how to extract the online game, or if it's still working. Hi Justin I still play internet reversi on my broken XP laptop but the laptop is near its end so I want to copy the files on my win8 laptop because I believe its possible, but I'm no pc guru Hello there, You managed to create a massive smile on my face after I downloaded the XP version of FreeCell and it worked easily on my Windows8.

Mike's Technology and Finance Blog: How to Get Classic Windows XP Game Versions in Windows 7

We versiion to copy the two Solitaire files from this directory, so prepare a USB flash drive or set up a network transfer and then find and copy the following files:. I wanted to thank you, so hoping this finds you.

Solitaire, Minesweeper, Hearts and Spider Solitaire remain a favorite of many office workers.

I don't think there's a solution. I got the same pop up as above re: Fired up the Virtual XP and had all cersion old games. Thank you for helping us maintain CNET's great community.

Good old Windows XP Freecell, a Windows 8.1 upgrade installation story

Everything went well until I went to play hearts. Do not overwrite the Windows 7 versions of these files if they exist. The Microsoft Hearts Network has stopped working Problem signature: After you open the Windows Components window double click the Accessories and Utilities entry. Any idea how to run "Plus!

I've never heard of Circle The Cat A hearts game started on my laptop but it is nothing like the old hearts game on my desktop. Though I recently found this online browser based version of the game that resembles it closely.

Good old Windows XP Freecell, a Windows upgrade installation story | Sysadmin

Thank you ever so much for doing this. Clearly not as straight forward as XP, but manageable for what I need it for. Stay informed by joining our newsletter! I don't know what to do from there. Per his suggestion, I went to 'Add remove programs' then clicked on 'Add remove windows components' This was a huge leap of faith for me to download to my computer from an unknown source.

Ik ben met behulp van Fgeecell vertalen om dit bericht te maken — Windowx — My Friend: Get old-fashioned but familiar Windows XP games working on your Windows 7 computer.

No idea, though, sorry. You managed to create a massive smile on my face after I downloaded the Vresion version of FreeCell and it worked easily on my Windows8.

There was an option to 'install optional Windows components", so I clicked on that.

Mike Burr April 7, at 8: Grab vesrion folder you just created, and get it to your new computer. Microsoft Solitaire was and in many homes and offices, may still be the ultimate time waster. My parents only use one user account, so I set up an automatic logon with netplwiz, going online apperently affects that. And of course straight to the good old desktop.

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