Bloodletting and miraculous cures

She has finished her molecular biology exam characteristically early but is lingering to time her exit from the classroom with Fitzgerald, the artistic study partner with whom she has shared many late nights in the library. He is a victim of the SARS outbreak. Second, in this story and others, he encourages us to question what constitutes appropriate supervision of medical trainees from their overseeing physicians who may be distracted, disinterested or themselves ill-informed. Through their experiences, Lam examines the myths and truths of today's health care world.

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Medical School Medical school serves as a symbol that represents stability. In this story, Fitzgerald, who was gentle and sincere as a medical student, has transformed into a shrewd and forthright adversary within a system of power struggles. Sri Sri is also a medical student at U of T and works with Ming and Chen colleagues on a surgical dissection of a cadaver.

While there are clear-cut right and wrong answers to some questions, much of bioethics involves the search for solutions that are most right or least wrong, positions that can mraculous with a shifting point of view.

I have lots of other books waiting on my TBR shelf, all applauding as I move this one to 'did not finish'. What is it that drives someone with a decent qualification and a good trade to do one more thing—a philosophy training, a play, an opera, a book of short stories?

Hospital — the emergency department. We use cookies to improve our service and to tailor our content and advertising to you. It was a good read, I have definitely had a few of the same experiences and feelings in my medical career that these doctors experienced.

Bloodletting and Miraculous Cures | The BMJ

You feel you have to define abdomen? Published online Jul Lam foreshadows this idea with the quotation that introduces his collection — "Medicine is a science of uncertainty and an art of probability" — and reinforces it with a glossary of over one hundred medical miraculouss at the end of the book.

This is a tense and compelling story during which we have access to the resident's inner monologue. I'm glad that I finally picked it up, because I absolutely loved it! However there is a glossary of terms in the back that I thought was extremely helpful. Unfortunately, this never happened and the ending fell a bit short for me. If I could give this book six stars, I would.

Bloodletting & Miraculous Cures

Since her passing, Ming has curea like a mother-figure for Fitzgerald as she helps him get accepted to medical school at U bloodlettlng T. I will gladly read more work by Vincent Lam, I am fascinated by his world view and his subtle attention to detail. The anecdotes are interesting, mainly for the inclusion of the author's behind the scenes medical knowledge but I can't really see where it's going.

Couldn't put it down! Chen and Ming marry. I'm not sure what I said and what I dreamt. The characters have strong initial presentation, but this falters towards the denouement. However, in the report they claimed he fell and hit their head. Bloodletting and Miraculous Cures. Bioethics - Morals collide with drive Bloodletting portrays health care as messy and subjective, which evidently parallels the messiness of booodletting.

These simply felt like the right motivations and being correctly motivated should improve their chances of success. But that occasional simplicity alone is not enough to disapprove of Lam's collection; the fact that the comparison to literary heavyweights like Gallant, Munro, and Atwood can be made at all is a tribute to Lam's accomplishment. Although you do get some insight, in the context of whatever the current situation being painted is, you don't really get to kn Short stories are not really my favourite type of reading, but this was here, and I'd heard good things about it, so I read it.

As this disease broke out, doctors were unable to figure out a cure or stop the spread for a long time. Jul 02, Mike rated it it was ok Shelves: This passage is a microcosm of the story as a whole.

Lam is an ethnic Chinese Cantonese - raise the roof! Fitzgerald is a trauma doctor juggling a chaotic emergency room when two cure officers arrive with their arrested suspect, Eli.

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