Dale and tucker vs evil

Beats a dead horse all the way to the glue factory. See All Details and Credits. It's mostly a smart spoof that looks awfully dumb for a reason.

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Weezer as Jangers the Dog. The Haunting of Hill House. Retrieved 26 March Evil eviscerates the field of psychology with no bloodshed at all. Tucker And Dale Vs Evil 2. Carl Tye Evans as Dad.

Tucker and Dale vs. Evil () - Rotten Tomatoes

October 6, Rating: The same goes for the main lead of the college kids Chad, whose personal vendetta against hillbillies makes for a fascinating motive. Tucker and Dale does a wonderful job of satiring horror movies while infusing as many comedic scenes as possible. Beats a dead horse all the way to the glue factory.

Joseph Sutherland as Mike. Katrina Bowden as Allison. The 30 Most-Anticipated Films.

Tucker and Dale vs. Evil

It's stupid, but that's what they were going for. At the sawmill Chad ties Allison up and forcibly kisses her. Adam Beauchesne as Mitch.

We preview the 30 top movies arriving this fall, from Steven CapnAwesome Mar 7, HorsemanUK May 6, Magnet Releasing Release Date: I wouldn't really call this a Horror Comedy though because there were Hilariously brilliant!

Kase Vollebregt Super Reviewer.

Watching events unfold to the hapless characters is just brilliant and very, very funny. Tudyk and Labine play a pair of well-meaning hillbillies who are mistaken for killers by a group of clueless college students.

After a car crash, an injured Tucker tells Dale that Chad has taken Allison to an old sawmill. Sasha Craig tuckker News Reporter. People are individuals, not just easy regional stereotypes. With originality to spare and two hillbillies that are actually likeable, eil movie is enjoyable in theory but it's one joke plot gets old.

Evil Rucker release poster. Evilwhich was given a limited release in SeptemberAlan Tudyk and Tyler Labine starred as the titular duo -- who are a couple of poor hillbillies trying to make the best of a dilapidated vacation house they've purchased in the woods. Later that night at the bowling alley, the two profess their feelings for each other and kiss. Arizona Republic - Bill Goodykoontz Sep 29, The tucked kids go skinny-dipping where Tucker and Dale are fishing, and Allison, startled, hits her head.

The film's director, Eli Craig, and his wife Sasha have brief roles at the beginning and the end of the movie as a cameraman and reporter respectively. Chad then tortures Tucker and cuts off two of his fingers.

Alan Tudyk as Tucker. If I could figure out how to write the sequel, I would.

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