Contour hd storyteller

Try using a different computer. The software is different from the Coutour Roam2 "I think". Free ADV gear for annual subscribers:

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Seems to do nice work once I figured it out.

Need Help Finding Contour Storyteller Software

With the camera powered off, open the back door of the camera and connect the mini-port end of the nd data cable to the back of your camera. Free ADV gear for annual subscribers: Oct 16, Oddometer: Samples on my blog: LKLDOct 6, I upgraded and have very good results.

Try using a different microSD card. Dismiss Notice Subscriptions are finally here!

I know the manual there anyway. I wonder if the firmware's still available.

This to eliminate your computer as issue and try to isolate it to the camera. If you are having trouble getting Storyteller to recognize your camera, try these troubleshooting steps.

Feb 23, Oddometer: Feb 11, Oddometer: May 21, Oddometer: Log in or Join. In a few seconds, your computer will automatically detect the Contour camera and will pass this information into the Contour Storyteller program.

Funny thing is, that a search on iTunes turns up nothing, but a Google search provides a iTunes link. Going on a trip in two days and Id like to change the settings first Twilight ErrorSep 29, Contour cameras use a standard miniUSB cable included with the storjteller for a quick plug and play connection to a Windows or Mac computers.

CONTOUR | Camera Recognition in Storyteller

Anyway storyteller is a hack of a program, there are better editing software solutions and nd Contour files are not special. Discussion in ' Equipment ' started by S.

Matt fe2o3Sep 27, FlowBeeSep 29, Your email or ADVrider name: Transitions, text, voice over, lots of toys to play with. Connect the other end of the cable to an available port on your computer.


SnowMuleOct 5, Search or Ask a Question Here! Jan 1, Oddometer: Storyteller is only useful for changing settings, the 'editing' side is useless. Jul 2, Oddometer: If you're on a PC, Windows Movie Maker is actually pretty good - its easy to use, can publish in a pretty wide selection of formats and is a free download storytellwr Microsoft. There is usually one port that has power and the other ports are wired from that "master" port.

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