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In New York City, he is quickly taken advantage of and is caught with drugs. Label head Berry Gordy was the Dumbledore figure — sufficiently intrigued to take a chance, but worried what complications might follow. The very tune of it- it gets you grooving and mushy at the same time! Layered, deep, rich, powerful.

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I would like to believe that there is another life.

I have listened to a lot of his songs a few times over, but this is the only one that instantly loved, so I have to say this is the best in my eyes and ears. It was originally intended to be released by British guitarist Jeff Beck first, but Motown's Berry Gordy convinced Stevie to bring it out as he knew it would be a huge hit.

Uptight (Everything's Alright) (1965) - Stevie Wonder: 20 essential songs

One of my favorite songs of all time. For those of us vested with a more normative skill set, the surpassing strangeness of this state of affairs can be difficult to grasp.

This bwst song is really sweet and relatable to me. Or they interpret "best" to mean most enjoyable wlnder opposed to a technical definition wonnder seem to choose. Sign in with Facebook. His dreams are destroyed when he is sentenced to 10 years in jail. Yes, this is probably the greatest Motown record ever, I love it, it's just so badass! Arguably Stevie's most famous song, it is also one of the most popular and successful funk tunes of all time.

I would go anywhere, just you tell me and I'll be right there. I like the song and I have heard this many times not knowing who made it. The highlights from this era read like a veritable songbook of American standards: In Mississippi, he dealt with many hardships, but was surrounded by caring people.

Stevie Wonder: 20 essential songs - Telegraph

Living for the City 2. Hols so many memoris.

One of Stevie's greatest love songs, this heartbreaking ballad was taken from his album Hotter than July. This should be in the top 5 of the best songs ever from Stevie Wonder Great bext, feel-good tune, easily top 5! The synthesizer arrangements that are showcased here are just amazing!

I think that sometimes your consciousness can happen on this earth a second time around. This song was the key song at a wedding I was in and I listen to it very well.

14 of the greatest Stevie Wonder songs ever - Smooth

Pure genius with a perfect melody Never get tired of listening to this song. Arguably no living artist has left a legacy greater than Stevie Wonder. This was one of the first soul music songs to deal explicitly with systemic racism, and to use everyday sounds of the street like traffic, voices and sirens, which were combined with the music recorded in the studio.

My Cherie Amour 2. I'm not saying should be for everyone but it should be in top 5 for sure! Stevie had been performing live with Marley on his US tour in the wwonder of that year. What a great slow dance song.

Best Stevie Wonder Songs

In Case You Missed It. We wish we had that kind of power!

Hearing these words said to you will get you through the roughest times. His legacy started a decade earlier, when Motown tried to shape the year-old blind singer and harmonica player into a junior version of Ray Charles.

Wonedr only the number of people who have done it but the diversity of the artists who have covered it. God bless you, Stevie. Marley died a year later.

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