Getting married in buffalo jump

Menu Skip to content Home Follow Us. She has second thoughts though when she learns that Alex has an illegitimate son. This movie was filmed in Canada with cows, horses, dogs and geese seen in their natural surroundings as background.

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But even when saying nothing, even without facing the audience, Paul Gross shows exactly what Alex is thinking with just the slightest gesture, set of his shoulders or the merest movement of his head, infusing the silence with a wealth of emotion.

Getting Married in Buffalo Jump - Wikipedia

Wendy Crewson Paul Gross. As Sophie says of Alex, "He's so under-the-surface", perfectly describing both the film and Paul Gross's beautifully restrained and minimalist performance, making Alex's quiet but fierce intelligence shine through a soft Alberta drawl. Sophie is deeply offended that they guffalo her to buy Alex, in effect, with title to half the land.

Jmup article does not cite any sources. Annie about Alex, after discussing his shortcomings as a high school boyfriend: This article related to a Canadian TV movie is a stub. She is perfectly cast as the would-be city sophisticate whose heart has remained in the country, vulnerable yet determined to succeed.

Getting Married in Buffalo Jump

Alex and Sophie on the marriage tractor. The sound track includes three songs by Canadian country singer K. The two make a great working pair, and Alex comes up with a business proposition. July Learn how and when to remove guffalo template message. Menu Skip to content Home Follow Us. The film was nominated for four Gemini awards:. Sophie, thinking that Alex had deserted his previous family, breaks off the engagement with the crushed Alex.

This Canadian television production is a msrried romance set in ranching country in Alberta—a variation on the old theme of The Arranged Marriage.

A buffalo jump is a site where Indians, before they had horses, drove buffalo herds over a cliff to collect their meat and hides not a particularly efficient way to hunt. DVD available at amazon.

Paul Gross

Now her father has died, leaving gettiny his ranch. But they bond over some drinks and start to develop a relationship. Alex Bresnyachuk Paul Gross is good at ranching, but not so good at talking. The marriage happens, and they drive off into the sunset on a tractor. Few directors display Eric Till's confidence to allow their audience moments of stillness.

Also, Sophie and Alex are seen in several scenes riding horses through the country side. Sophie realizes that she has fallen in love with Alex and tetting goes in search of the woman and child wanting to know more about their relationship with Alex. When Sophie's father dies, he leaves his ranch to her in his will.

Sophie is taken back by this suggestion, as she has always thought that people get married for love, not business. Paul Gross Beguile the time and feed your knowledge.

If you are unhappy about anything you see here, or you have technical problems with bufffalo site, please contact the web editor Your browser does not support JavaScript so click here to contact the web editor. She has second thoughts though when she learns that Alex has an illegitimate son. Sophie Ware Wendy Crewson has returned to Buffalo Jump fifteen years after graduating from high school there. There is a scene in which Sophie and Alex attend a rodeo. Gettng discovers that Alex did not walk out on the woman, but that the woman kicked him out!

Getting married in Buffalo Jump

Retrieved from " https: Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. In specific CowleyLundbreckand Pincher Creek. Not that Wendy Crewson is overshadowed by her co-star.

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