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Game backups are important on all platforms. One industrious console hacker is showing Nintendo how easy it can be. Mark of the Ninja: It backs up to an SD card, which you can then keep in a safe place or move the files somewhere else.

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The situation is even more dire with the Switch. Game Tools Patch Engines.

Hacker Needed Just 2 Weeks to Add Save Backups to Nintendo Switch - ExtremeTech

If even that is off limits to consumers now, what, if anything is left? Whether it involves another or a second video card, more memory, or a faster processor, the chief reason people add hardware to their computers is to be able to play games better. The Servant and the Beast v1. On we celebrated our 20th year of existence!

Gas Guzzlers Extreme

Game or Patch Questions? Modern Warfare - Remastered v1.

There are even some hints that Nintendo is coming around to online services. Two Point Hospital v1. Party hard 2 v1. The First Interviews v1. Since then we have seen many appear and also seen them go, but as new ones still appear ever so often we will continue our work!

Game copy protection rolls further downhill

The Moment We Met v1. NBA 2K Playgrounds 2 v1. Call of the Wild - Duck and Cover v1. In other words, if you have the temerity to swap out your video card while the game is installed, bam, one of your licenses is gone! Thrill Ride Simulator v1.

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Call of Pripyat v1. Legacy of the Void v4. Currently, Nintendo only lets you move profile data from one Switch to another. State of Mind v1. This is where Giordano comes in. Warriors Orochi 4 v1. Yame Beat 'Em Up Bundle v1. Remember several weeks ago when I was complaining about the draconian DRM measures utilized on Batman: So, you can get your data from a working but damaged Switch over to a new one. My Memory of Us v1. Hero School Story v1.

Porsche v - v1. Franchise Hockey Manager 5 v1. Although, he did delete the original announcement tweet before posting another meant to temper expectations.

One industrious console hacker is showing Nintendo how easy it can be. The data is moved from one device to another, so you still only have one copy of your saves.

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