Behind the candelabra

I won't deny it is kinda creepy to watch Douglas at times, his wiry, leathery reptilian-like looks covered in tonnes of glittery makeup whilst clad in some cringeworthy flamboyant attire that a fat Elvis wouldn't say no too Possible one of the greatest tv films I have ever seen. The film even manages to make us understand his hypocritical determination to deny his own homosexuality. All the costumes and props seem to have been recreated to the tiniest detail, not only that but sequences from his real shows appear to have been recreated too.

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Retrieved June 2, Behind the Candelabra and Omar".

We sneer it on the screen whilst in reality we tread the same water again and again. It's both a romp and uncomfortably real. Sat 7 Jul Hunter Killer Is Substandard. A great biopic is almost impossible to make, especially about someone as ridiculous as Liberace but Soderbergh has managed.

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Behind the Candelabra () - IMDb

Thorson attends Liberace's funeral, in which he imagines seeing Liberace performing one last time with his traditional flamboyance, before being lifted to Heaven with a stage harness. I was completely hypnotized by the wonderful performances of Michael Douglas and Matt Damon. Show 25 25 50 All. InThorson's palimony lawsuit starts where he gives details about his five-year romance with the entertainer, while Liberace flatly denies any sexual relationship.

From The Doors to Behind the Candelabra: which classic biopic is best? | Film | The Guardian

Unnecessary songs The song to actual film ratio of this one is spot on, actually. Timings where shown are from the start of the gehind in hours and minutes. Buffed to a typical HBO high gloss, Candelabra is a visual feast.

Wealthy IT boss who filmed himself raping a woman in his Douglas brings a preening, nervous energy to a performance that may well prove to be the best of his career The whole thing is inexplicably a Citizen Kane rip-off. No other word for it, unless that word is "glorious.

You can see what will happen a mile away its very easy to predict all the way through, but the ride to get there is undeniably a show stopper.

Retrieved May 26, Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Miniseries or Movie. Season 3 Saturday Night Live: Production nightmare Casting the lead was a long affair — Halle Berry, Robin Givens and Whitney Houston were all considered before Bassett bagged the part a month before filming started.

Behind the Candelabra

After a a little research I was stunned to discover how accurate and well portrayed everyone was in the film. Rob Lowe stars as Dr Jack Startz, the wonderfully sinister plastic surgeon.

Thorson agrees and drives to Liberace's retreat house in Palm Springs, tge he and Liberace have one last, emotional conversation. MAGAbomber causes another night of jitters: Not that that's a bad thing of course, its just an extreme eye opener to see these two fellas going at it and acting this way.

From The Doors to Behind the Candelabra: which classic biopic is best?

Retrieved June 1, Wigs A lot of wigs, yeah. Spoiler alert of sortsif you're uncomfortable with homosexuality on screen then this film might not be for you.

Share or comment on this article: Season 4 85 GLOW: Duchess opts for long sleeves and lighter colors 'to prevent mosquito bites' in Fiji Suki Waterhouse nails Seventies chic in a retro animal-print fur coat as she goes shopping in London The year-old model looked stylish Revealed: It dramatizes the last ten years in the life of pianist Liberace and the relationship he had with Scott Thorson.

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